Automotive Lubricatings Oils

Automotive Lubricatings Oils

Automotive Oil are lubricants which are in sync with set industrial norms & immensely used for the purpose of proper lubrication and reducing the wear and tear of different machineries.

I. Hyundai Servo

DESCRIPTION Hyundai Servo CRDi Premium Engine oil is a premium diesel engine oil specially designed for Hyundai Diesel cars fitted with CRDi injection system. The oil is designed for the most severe performance requirements of new generation diesel cars retrofitted with features like PCV, EGR, etc. It assures outstanding protection against high temperature engine deposits, oil degradation, oil thickening and corrosion resistance. The oil is having excellent shear stability to maintain viscosity under severe, high temperature operations. It exhibits outstanding control on soot induced oil thickening and soot induced wear. APPLICATION Hyundai Servo CRDi Premium Engine oil is recommended for new generation Hyundai Diesel vehicles. It is tailored to the lubrication requirements of engines complying to Euro III. Recommended for use with Diesel fuel, sulphur content upto 0.5% by wt. PERFORMANCE BENEFITS » Reduced engine scuffing and bore polishing. » High engine cleanliness. » Maximum protection from wear and deposits. » Improved control of oil consumption. » Potential for long drain interval. » Excellent all weather performance due to improved cold weather properties

II. Servo Pride

DESCRIPTION Servo Pride oils are heavy duty engine oils for diesel service. These oils are red in colour and blended from selected highly refined, high viscosity index base stocks and contain well balanced group of additives, to provide high detergency, dispersancy and anti oxidation characteristics to meet the stated performance standards. APPLICATION Servo Pride oils are recommended for: » Naturally aspirated, supercharged and turbocharged diesel engines. » High powered gasoline engines » Mixed fleet operation PERFORMANCE BENEFITS Servo Pride oils » Provide excellent resistance against wear and deposits in automotive supercharged diesel engines » Have exceptional thermal and oxidation stability to resist decomposition in supercharged engines operating with high ring zone temperature. » Provide absolute control of corrosive wear that may result from use of high sulphur fuels because of good built-in alkaline reserves. » Maintain a high order of engine cleanliness

III. Servo Pride

DESCRIPTION Servo Skoda Genuine Oil HD is manufactured from carefully selected and highly refined, high viscosity index base stocks. The oil contains appropriate dosages of detergent-dispersant and antioxidant additives to meet the International Performance Standards. The product has capability to ensure trouble free and extended engine life. APPLICATION Servo Skoda Genuine Oil HD is recommended for all CKD (SKODA) Diesel Generating Sets manufactured by M/s CKD HRADEC KRALOVE A.S. Czeh Republic and operating on Light Diesel Oil ( LDO) as fuel. PERFORMANCE BENEFITS » Ensures the long life and smooth performance. With excellent detergent / dispersant properties ensure clean crankcase, pistons and valves and prevent ring sticking. » Effectively combats the deleterious products of combustion associated with high sulphur fuels, thus minimising deposits and wear. » With excellent engine protection, reducing down time, maintenance & operating cost. » Minimise deposits resulting from high output, low speed and low temperature operations.

I. Servo Pride

DESCRIPTION Servo Gear HP oils are extreme pressure automotive gear lubricants. These oils are blended from selected base stocks and contain additives to provide extreme pressure, anti-rust-corrosion characteristics APPLICATION Servo Gear HP oils are recommended for passenger car, bus and highway truck hypoid, spiral bevel and worm gear axles and also manual transmission for which an extreme pressure gear lubricant of this type is required. Servo Gear HP 80 is specially designed for power transmission units of vehicles operating at sub-zero temperatures. PERFORMANCE BENEFITS » Satisfy the lubrication requirements of a wide variety of gears. » Provide protection against wear, due to good EP characteristics. » Give long service life even under high temperature operation since it has excellent oxidation stability. » Provide good protection against corrosion.

II. Servo Gear Super

GRADES AVAILABLE – SERVO GEAR SUPER 80W, 80, 85W, 80, 90, 140 DESCRIPTION Servo Gear Super oils are automotive extreme pressure gear oils blended from specially selected high viscosity index base stocks and contain additives which impart extreme pressure, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and anti oxidation characteristics. These are multi-purpose type gear lubricants specifically formulated to meet the rigorous service demand of commercial fleet mechanical transmissions, axles and gear boxes. APPLICATION Servo Gear Super oils are primarily recommended for the lubrication of hypoid differential units operating under severe conditions and other types of mechanical transmissions and drive axles where extreme pressure gear oils are required. PERFORMANCE BENEFITS Servo Gear Super oils » Have exceptional chemical and thermal stability permitting use upto bulk oil temperature of 150°C » Have excellent extreme pressure property to give maximum protection against low speed-high torque wear and high speed – shock inducedscoring » Guard automotive gear assemblies against rust and corrosion

I. servo 4t

DESCRIPTION Servo 4T is high performance engine oil for 4 stroke 2/3 wheelers. This oil is blended from high viscosity index base stocks and contains additives to meet the stated performance standards. APPLICATION Servo 4T is recommended for new generation 4 stroke motorcycles, scooters and auto rickshaws. PERFORMANCE BENEFITS » Maximum power output. » Superior performance in terms of oxidation stability. » Excellent wear protection at high temperatures and severe operating conditions. » Outstanding overall engine cleanliness. » Enhanced engine life. » Higher fuel efficiency. » Potential oil drain period of 5000 Kms.

II. Stroke Engine Oils

DESCRIPTION Servo 2T Supreme is low smoke semi-synthetic two stroke engine oil developed to meet the critical requirements of high performance two stroke engines manufactured by leading auto makers. It is blended from selected base stocks and additives to minimise spark plug fouling and preignition, prevent rusting, minimise deposit formation and provide protection against seizure, scuffing and wear. It contains a diluent for easy mixing with gasoline. Servo 2T Supreme is green dyed product. APPLICATION Servo 2T Supreme is recommended for lubrication of scooters, autorickshaws, motorcycles and mopeds operating on two stroke engines. The recommended dosage of Servo 2T Supreme is 20 ml of oil per litre of petrol. PERFORMANCE BENEFITS » Low exhaust smoke » Maintains engine cleanliness » Minimises spark plug fouling » Reduces port deposits and ring sticking » Prevents seizure and scuffing » Is easily pumpable by oil injection system

I. Servo Pumpset Oil

DESCRIPTION Servo Pump set oils are blended from highly refined base stocks and a combination of anti-oxidant, anti-wear and anti-foam additives to meet the lubrication requirement of agriculture pump sets. APPLICATION Servo Pump set oils are recommended for slow, medium and high speed stationary diesel engines equipped on agricultural pump sets operating on HSD or LDO. PERFORMANCE BENEFITS » Low maintenance cost » Enhanced engine life » Less wear and tear